Platform Website


Volkswagen AG

March 2019

A mega platform with a large data pipeline, complex architecture, demanding timelines, and a large data set.

Project Image was a multi-year platform managed at Deutsch. I jumped in and out of the work between working on Tacobell and other brands. The work we did for the brand was exceptional and some of the best people I know worked on this site.

We worked on specific projects within it, some of which are listed on my site. But the key to this project was that we managed almost all of the digital presence of from analytics and metrics (early on) to architecture and deployment (later on). The through line was the goal of building the best creative and marketing content we could for the brand.

Almost all of the agency touched this brand in one way or another. The surprising thing was just how small of a digital team was able to manage the entire thing. It shows how great of a digital team we had at Deutsch.

Tech Stack: Amazon Web Services, Adobe Experience Manager, ReactJS, Jenkins, Rightscale