Next Generation Architecture


Volskwagen AG

March 2018

A multi year effort to move to the cloud and modernize its application, deployment model, and a grand vision for its process.

Project Image

We were tasked with a goal; move VW,com to the cloud. We answered and did just that. In the process we rebuilt the Jenkins piplines that were used to move the AEM and client packages to prod, rebuilt the indexing system that got data into Apache SOLR, prototyped in ReactJS, and generally kick started a DevOps transformation.

Some of the most challenging work I have ever done. Working with the brand and their entities day to day. All with the goal of modernizing, and improving the entire infrastructure process for

What came out of this was a modern deployment pipeline, the ability to deploy an enterprise site multiple times per day if needed, and a self service environment for staging stacks.

Tech Stack: Amazon Web Services, Rightscale, Jenkins, Chef, Packer, Docker, ReactJS, WallabyJS, Enzyme