The Female Quotient

June 2018

A chatbot designed to help answer the most demanding questions.

Project Image

The Female Quotient is an awesome brand doing work to advance equality in the workplace. They tasked Deutsch to build a chatbot that could be an extension of the brand. We were up to the task, we have built a few large bots for brands during the days when bots were rampant on the internet.

The thing that set this bot apart was that the bot was intended to be an open ended communication where women could ask anything. That's a tall order. We were able to use the amazing DialogFlow Google service to answer many of the questions we were tasked with answering.

We built tools to manage the amount of content this required. We parsed through docs on Google to understand Actions on Google. We listed bots on Facebook and Google.

I learned a lot from this project, and it showed what a team of dedicated people can get done under the strictest of timelines.

War rooms for life.

Tech Stack: Actions on Google, Zeit Micro, Python, Amazon Web Services, DialogFlow, Terraform, Docker, Craft CMS