Careers Portal



January 2018

Deutsch careers portal, one part job form, one part platform.

Project Image

Deutsch consistently needs access to a great talent pool. Talented people need a place to apply, and talent managers need a way to communicate and track applications.

This application uses docx, doc, and pdf parsing to analyze the text in the resumes to allow quick searching against terms in the submitted applications. It was built around 2014 and has some features that more full fledged application tools like have.

It was rebuilt at the end of 2018 to utilize Docker, React, and Laravel 5.1. During this update I added user roles so that the New York and Los Angeles offices could manage their own application queues.

It was one of the first large projects I built for Deutsch and the HR team utilizes it every day.

Tech Stack: Docker, ReactJS, Redux, Bootstrap 4